(This is my little family, my whole world! Photos taken by my wonderful sister, Sarah.)

Hi there, I'm Aubree!
I'm a small-town, Oregon photographer
in love with capturing lifestyle portraits of life and love!

I'm a lover of natural light & authentic moments.
That's why as a photographer,
 I long to capture your expressions of connection, not just my poses. 
You know, the way you smile during a genuine laugh, the way your hand fits perfectly inside of his, the way those sweet toes curl on your brand new baby, or the way a mothers hug can make everything better?
Those are some of the moments I'm searching for during our sessions, and those are the moments I long to deliver to you in your gallery.

I love the time spent with my clients during a session, learning about their life, family, and loves!
I consider myself a laid back friend, who will make goofy conversations to bring out a natural comfort and ease for you while you're in front of the camera.
I've also been known to be a total dork for your kiddos.
I'm not above singing their favorite song or acting like a monkey, to bring out some real smiles when needed.

Although most of my sessions are taken outdoors in the soft golden light hours, I'm yearning to explore
a new love I've found in, In-Home sessions! 
If you're a lover of relaxed, lifestyle images that show off your home and those sweet natural moments you share with your loved ones in that space, please let me know! 
I'm offering a temporary discounted rate for these types of sessions, and would LOVE to capture yours!


A little bit more about me...
- I am wife to an incredibly handsome, talented contractor, and mother of 3 beautiful girls!

- Most days you can find me in my comfy yoga pants and a t-shirt/tank, chasing around my
 energetic girls, two chunky house cats and our awesome German Shepherd.

- I love: a good cup of coffee (with plenty of sugary creamer), fresh fruit, and endless chips+dip platters.

-I grew up in the country (on a grass seed farm), and my husband and I long to one day move our little family to a small patch of land where we can build our dream home, or buy a fixer and make it into our own.

-We believe God's timing is perfect, and He doesn't make mistakes. We know we are saved by His never-ending grace, and because of that we strive to follow Him daily with all that we have!